Pile of Potential
Pile of Potential
Your Hobby, Organised.
We're just putting the last edits on a video.
For now, Enjoy the website!

“Hi I’m Ceri, host of The Hobby Room and an avid hobbyist!

I created Pileofpotential.com off the back of a spreadsheet I made to keep track of all my Necrons that I have (you can see that project HERE) and give myself all the motivation I needed to help paint over 5,000 points in under 5 months!

My Twitch chat were desperate for a copy of the spreadsheet for themselves, so instead of creating a standard template to get lost in the depths of their Google Drives forever, I decided to make a website where you can easily track, edit and share multiple hobby projects from any device as long as you can access a web browser!

As my viewers all came from Twitch it made sense to make it so you login using your twitch account with a couple of easy clicks, HOWEVER we've now added functionality to allow you to login with Youtube aswell!

So sign up with the button above, give it a go and get your hobby back on track and share it with your friends!”